Villa Hoffmann Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, XVI. District, one of the most sought after residential and villa areas of the Hungarian capital provides an excellent location for Villa Hoffmann. The prestigious and convenient location of the property is demonstrated by the fact that both the city center and Budapest International (Liszt Ferenc) Airport can be easily reached by car in only 20 minutes. This part of Budapest lacks serious traffic congestions, which are very common in Buda. 

The neighbourhood provides a beautiful living environment with local parks and streets lined with giant sycamore and chestnut trees.

 Mátyás Király (King Matthias) Square enhances the idyllic surroundings providing the area with an attractive park. The property lies within an area called Ómátyásföld, which also bears the name of King Matthias. 

The property is under reconstruction recently. The extraordinary multifunctional building is under renovation. 

Planned handover of the building: 4th quarter of 2018.

Total net floor area: 950 m², the size of the site is 3555 m², number of rooms: 10 plus 5 half.


1165 Budapest, Táncsics u. 4/a Hungary